Take a look at a spectacular bird's eye view of the United States, from the cockpit of a small Flying Paws general aviation airplane.  Flight crews are able to see the landscape as no other human can.  Airports, changes in scenery, views of rivers, mountains and at times the activities of the region are examined from above.

Flying Paws.... Volunteer Pilots and Planes....

All pilots are FAA certificated, with current medical certificate and meet FAA flight standards for the flight volunteered for.

All airplanes are FAA certified airworthy, with current annual inspection and insurance.

All flights are undertaken and completed with flight safety the number one priority.

If the skies are calling and you want to put your flight skills to use, then Flying Paws might be the way to fly, see new places and help a special needs rescue companion animal.

To become a Flying Paws Pilot Volunteer complete the Pilot and Aircraft Profile Liability Waiver.

Flying Paws.... Volunteer Ground Crews....

Ground crews provide help at airports by caring for the special needs companion animal while the pilot takes care of flight requirements.

Ground crews have provided a ground transport link when ground transport has broken-down due to weather, mechanical failure or illness.

Ground crews provide emergency ground transport to veterinary clinics or foster locationswhen needed due to flight cancellations or hand off problems.

Ground crews represent Flying Paws in programs at local clubs, schools, churches and Adopt-a-thons presenting information about Flying Paws and special needs companion animals.  If certified, Flying Paws representatives have taken special needs animals to visit shut-ins, homebound and nursing homes.

To become a Flying Paws Ground Crew Volunteer complete the Ground Crew Profile and Liability Waiver

"For once you have tasted flight

You will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward

For there you have been

And there you will long to return."

Leonardo Da Vinci

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